Expertise when it matters most

At Windsor Radiology we have over 30 years of radiology experience.

As a group, we offer a wide range of radiology diagnostic tests and treatments, provided at various locations across the UK to suit your needs.

Our NHS consultant radiologists work together to provide imaging services to private patients ensuring the highest quality of service at all times.

Benefits of using our group:

  • More available appointment slots, due to multiple consultants working together
  • Shorter waiting times for patient appointments
  • Greater expertise with access to multiple consultants
  • Specialist advice; some of our consultants specialise in specific radiology cases
  • Choice of locations for your convenience

Contact our consultants to find out about booking appointments and getting the right radiology investigation for your medical case.

Diagnostic Tests available with Windsor Radiology Group

Our specialist radiologists can advise which diagnostic test will be most appropriate to determine the cause of a symptom or condition.

Click below for more information about the types of diagnostic tests available.

CT scan
CT PET scan
MRI scan

Where to find us?

Windsor Radiology serves a large and diverse area, with access to sites in Windsor, Ascot, Slough, Maidenhead and Wexham for your convenience.

For fast, reliable radiology services, contact Windsor Radiology

To book an appointment or discuss a diagnostic test in more depth, use our contact form below or contact us directly using your preferred method.

T: 01753 396245